Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April 30

Much has happened so far this week.

I was able to get with my Doctor's office on Monday and find out what I needed to do about getting the CT scan done. They put me on Predisone - 2 hits on Monday and 1 hit Tuesday morning - to pre-treat me and I was able to have the CT scan - contrast dye and all - yesterday around noon. I didn't swell up and look like Quasimodo this time - in contrast to what happened to me years ago - to the disappointment of some of my friends who were hoping to see what that looked like.

When I picked up the prescription for the Prednisone - the Pharmacist asked me if my Doctor had mentioned that I might have a hard time sleeping when I take the pills. I said he hadn't said anything. He suggested I take something - anything - to help. I did take something. It didn't help. I hardly slept that night. I felt like I had some great energy for a day there - even with no sleep. That was a bonus.

I don't have any results from my tests back - but I did have a call from Dr. Morgans office and I am scheduled to start my chemo on Friday - May 2nd - at 10:30 a.m. Yikes! I suppose I will get the test results then.

And - I had all of my hair cut off earlier today. Jeff Martin at Dexterity Salon - he used to cut my hair years ago when it was short - got me in after calling him only yesterday and cut my hair off. We had three decent size braids that I am donating to Locks of Love - an organization that makes wigs for children that have lost their hair due to medical treatments from donated hair. I will post pictures on my blog site. The salon will send in the hair for me - everything. Jeff was so great. He has offered to help me once I start getting hair again to get it into some sort of reasonable cut. He is awesome and it was good to see him after so many years.

I also saw my sweet friend Jennifer at Cafe Niche that's connected to the salon. She is my best friend from college. It was so good to see her and cute Amanda - her sister. The food there is awesome. You all should give it a try.

My hair is SHORT! It's really cute - but it's SHORT! It will, however, only be 2 - 3 weeks before I lose it all anyway according to the statistics. And, I got to donate a lot of hair to a good cause.

Marian Decker brought over several scarves for me this weekend and showed me some techniques. She is such a great ally to have right now. I have ordered some scarves and cotton beanies and am going to a place in Trolley Square later to look at American Apparel - they apparently have some really cute scarves to tie in different ways and some girls at Dexterity and my friend Jennifer recommended them.

So, that's the latest. I am hoping for the very best in regards to my chemo treatments. I really hope I won't get too sick and don't feel too knocked-out energy-wise. I am praying for this and really hope I can work and take care of everything I need to over the coming months. I may not be very social - I need to stay away from crowds and sick people. I will just have to do what is best for me to stay healthy and keep on track with my treatments.

So many of you have offered to help me and want to know what you can do. I really don't know yet - but I promise I will let you know if there is anything you can do for me. Honestly, your prayers and concern mean the most to me.

As everyone was coming in to my Gospel Doctrine Class on Sunday - I got very emotional. I had this overwhelming feeling that many of the people coming through the door had been praying for me. It was unreal. I have been having so many experiences like this. I am so grateful to all of you.



Anonymous said...
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Stephanie F. said...

Hey Cynthia, I'm Stephanie (Betsy H's sister). She talks so much about how strong you are and how much she admires you. I love your blog! Your hair is SO cute!

Here's a blog tip, hope I'm not beign annoying. See the comment above mine? It's like blog spam. If you add the word verification to your blog it helps keep those off your comments.


Kelly & Champer said...

I love your hair!! Welcome to the short hair'll love it once again :)

Betty Grace said...

Ah, so cute! Probably feels freeing. I'm thinking lots about you this week. Wish I had time to stop by and give you a big hug. Good luck tomorrow.

ME! said...

Cynthia, Girlfriend you look great! love the hair, the blog and learning from you. Thank for sharing and most of sharing with us you love for our savior and the power of prayer. you are blessed and loved by many! Thanks again for the blog! -Debbie F

PS the blog attached to this is a blog me and my sister lovingly created from our big brother. Just in case you look and get a bit confused.