Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September 2

This just in.

I had a mammogram this morning and already got the results. I am good to go. They saw nothing of any concern.


I really wasn't all that nervous about this appointment. Since they found something in March and I had it done at LDS Hospital, they have you sit there and wait while the radiologist looks at your films. So, I sat there and waited. It took a little longer than I was comfortable with and then I got a little nervous. When the tech came back in to the room with the radiologist I thought - Oh no! - but he was all smiles and said that everything looked great. What a relief. I now have to have one every 6 months for a while.

I'm really looking forward to my vacation next week. I can hardly wait.



jepete said...

Yea!! That's so great! I'm excited for your trip too, and I'm not even going, but know how much fun it will be! And a great chance for you to get away from everything for a while. Will be sorry to miss you at tea.

Natalie (Mano) Smart said...

Yea! I got teary when I read this. I remember when my mom's first mammogram came back free and clear...11 years ago!! Great news Cyn!!