Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June 3

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. This is – most likely – because I really haven’t had anything too interesting to say.

The past few weeks have been me – trying to adjust to the chemo – and feeling rather nauseated quite a lot of the time. Being bald hasn’t been so bad. I honestly have felt bad enough in other ways that it is the last thing I care about right now.

My doctor and his tech haven’t been able to get something for me that seems to work for the nausea. I am really bad the night of my Friday treatments – okay on Saturday, I think because of the medication they give me with the chemo – and not very good on Sunday or that first week after.

This past week – they tried a different medication that they were hopeful would really help me. They went as far as to call it “The Cadillac” of anti-nausea mediation. It didn’t work. I joked that it was more like a "Yugo". In fact, this past treatment was the worst so far. I felt horrible on Sunday and really bad yesterday to the point I left a little early from work and went home and slept the rest of the day and night. It’s amazing how bad you can feel and how horrible even the simplest thing can smell. It’s really weird.

The second week after chemo has been better so far. I’ve been able to be a little social and even had a few people for dinner at my house last week for Michael Bothe’s birthday. I am being blessed – even though I feel sick some of the time – to be able to work and take care of everything I need to take care of. I have been able to keep teaching my Gospel Doctrine class and go to work every day. I’ve had some killer allergies as well that have added to the fun – but all in all – I am doing all right. I only have one more of the more difficult treatments to go through and then start on the next round which I am told will not be so bad – FINGERS CROSSED!

Thanks again to all of you for your concern and prayers. When I’m feeling at my worst – it’s sometimes hard to remember just how blessed I am. Perspective always comes, however, and I am so grateful for everyone and everything they have done and are doing for me.

My house and yard are in great shape. With our late Spring and Summer – the buds are just about to start opening. I can’t wait for all of the blooms. I’ll post some pictures on my next blog.



Betty Grace said...

hey Cyn, been thinking about you a lot. Good to read your update. I'll call you soon.

jepete said...

Always in my prayers and put your name in the temple last night. Love ya sista!