Monday, June 30, 2008

June 30

First, I want to thank everyone who fasted and prayed for me last week. Again, I can’t begin to tell you what it means to me. I know that your prayers are what are sustaining me through this trial.

My treatment on Friday went well. I didn’t have any sort of allergic reaction. Sweet Betsy Hintze came to my appointment with me and we had a really nice visit. They administer the Taxol much slower than my previous treatments. We were there for over four hours. I won’t have to be pre-treated with steroids for my next treatments since I did okay with the first one.

I felt quite well Friday night – much better than the night after my other treatments. I did have a problem sleeping though. I think the steroids they had me take may have counteracted the other drugs that should have helped me sleep. I didn’t get much sleep Friday night. I felt pretty good on Saturday – did some yard work and ran a couple of errands – but felt really tired and tried to rest and nap on Saturday afternoon.

My body refuses to nap during daylight hours. I don’t know why. I have never been able to take a nap. It sucks that this is the case. I could have really used one on Saturday.

I got some decent sleep Saturday night but still felt really tired on Sunday. I did, however, want to go to church. Bishop Foster had put together a great meeting and I knew I wanted to be there for it. I also wanted to make sure I was there to hear President Clark and President Aldredge speak in Sacrament Meeting. I felt a little out of it but managed to make it through the meetings. I was glad I could attend. The meetings were so good and I got a lot out of them.

I went home and took it easy last night. The tech told me that on day 3 or 4, I could start having some leg pain and feel a like I have the flu. Well, last night, I had leg pain and felt like I had the flu. I didn’t sleep very well. I hate it when I can’t sleep – especially right now. I need all of the sleep I can get. I called my doctors office this morning and they told me the leg pain can last 3 – 4 days or so. They are going to get me some meds to help with the pain and help me sleep.

I’m tired today, but feeling okay. I have not had really any nausea with the new treatment. YEAH!!! So, the trade-off is leg pain, which is kind of bad, but I’m sure I’ll survive. There are other symptoms that can come as well, but I’m hopeful they will be minor.

So, only three more chemo treatments to go and I will be done with the stuff. So far, I am staying healthy and well enough to keep having my treatments. I’m still on schedule to have my last chemo treatment on August 8th. That seemed a long ways out a couple of months ago. I can’t believe how fast the time is flying during these treatments. Don’t get me wrong, it is very hard, but they will be over soon. I can’t wait.

I have opted to not teach Gospel Doctrine during the rest of my treatments and until I am feeling really well again. It is something I really love to do, but was becoming a little overwhelming to me. Cinda Morgan is going to substitute teach for me until I am ready to come back. I’m so grateful to her. It has helped to get that off my plate for the time being.

I keep feeling very blessed during this trial. There are days and nights when it can get petty bad, but the comfort always comes. I do sometimes wonder just what it is that I’m supposed to learn from this trial. I just hope that whatever it is, I am learning all I can and keeping the hope and faith.

Again, there was a woman who was getting chemo at the same time that I was last Friday. She just found out a couple of weeks ago that she has stomach cancer and is terminal with about a year to live. Unreal. There are so many people that suffer so much. It certainly makes me grateful for my prognosis and treatment.

Thanks to all of you that have called or emailed and show me your constant concern. I sometimes don’t answer my phone when I’m trying to rest, but the calls are appreciated none-the-less. I have actually been able to be a little social the last couple of weeks and went to a get together at Angie Vrien’s for a little while and even made book club last week. It’s hard to get out sometimes, but so nice to see some people and have some interaction. I hope I can continue to do that over the last weeks of my treatment.

Thanks again to all of you for your love and concern. I don’t know what I would do without you.



Betty Grace said...

I've been thinking about you today and wondering how your legs are feeling. I hope it subsides quickly! Love you!

Deb F said...

I hope you know you are in my thoughts and prayers. And I am glad you are sharing this with us all through this blog. I have shared it with a lady in my ward here who is about 3 weeks behind you in her treatment. Your strength and positive attitude is inspiring.

Natalie said...

I agree with Bishop Foster - you are an inspiration! You're always in my thoughts and prayers.