Monday, May 19, 2008

May 19

On Friday – May 16th – I had my second chemo treatment. They tested my blood counts and everything was good to go. Catherine Nelson played chemo-buddy to me this time and took me to lunch afterward. I think I may not be going to lunch after chemo anymore. I got so sick Friday night – I thought I wanted to die. The anti-nausea medication they give you with the chemo is supposed to last three days. It may last three days – but it certainly doesn’t seem to help much that first night.

Once again – Saturday – I felt pretty good. I felt so good, in fact, that I went to Georges – aka The Roundhouse – for breakfast with Michael and Bruce. Bruce mowed my lawn and then we all went to Home Depot to get what was needed to fix my sprinkler system. Michael got that fixed for me and then I spent the rest of the day running some errands and doing some yard and house work. It’s amazing that I can feel like I want to die on Friday and can feel so good on Saturday. It’s also amazing that I can feel so good on Saturday and feel so rotten the next day – Sunday. I spent most of the day in bed – trying not to hurl. I hope I can get this worked out and get some medication that will help me through the worst times.

On Saturday, I realized that I could not wait any longer and needed to have my head shaved as soon as possible. The pile of hair on my pillow was enough to make me want to hurl – let alone the chemo. Bruce and Shawna came over Sunday night – as did Michael to fix my swamp cooler. I didn’t realize it would be so hot on Sunday and he offered earlier in the day to fix it. By the time I realized I needed it – it was an ox in the mire situation - and he came over and made it like brand new. What would I do without him? He fixes everything around my house for me! Thank you Michael!

So – the shaving began. I think I would have felt worse and maybe cried if I hadn’t felt so nauseated all day long. Bruce did the honors and was very gentle. No knicks to speak of. After he was done shaving me – I got to start shaving him. He ended up with a really great mohawk that he said he is going to keep for a few days.

There are so many things about treating breast cancer that can make you feel like less of girl, or woman. I am so blessed that things had gone the way they have and know I will be able to get through all of this – nausea, hairlessness, whatever it is, and get well. I am still being blessed all the time – am still being able to work and take care of the things I really need to.

I forgot to mention that at my scarf party the other night – sweet Betsy Hintze brought ribbon pins for everyone to wear on my chemo days. I am so grateful to all of my friends, family, everyone that is supporting me through this difficult time. I couldn’t make it without you.



Betty Grace said...

I have to say, you are a beautiful bald woman- seriously, you have the face to pull it off. Sinead's got nothing on you!! On top of that-- nice job with Bruce's do! Sorry I missed the festivities. Did Shawna eat the chili? I was going to call and come over but was feeling kind of sick so figured I'd keep my distance. Love you!

Kelly & Champer said...

I agree with look wonderful! Way to go look great too :) How do I get a ribbon pin to wear? Any extras Betsy? Thinking of you, Kelly

jepete said...

It's no surprise that you're being so well taken care of. You've spent so much time taking care of and being so gracious to others. What goes around comes around sista. You do look gorgeous! I need a pin too!