Monday, August 11, 2008

August 11

So, on Friday I had my last chemo treatment. YEAH!!!

Dr. Morgan was very nice and said I had done really well through my treatments and said it was great that I had been able to have all of my treatments on schedule. I took his office some cupcakes from Mrs. Backers to celebrate. I had no idea that Shawna had also made some of her famous chocolate-chip-pecan-oatmeal cookies to bring to my treatment as well. We left them on a major sugar high with a copy of Shawna’s recipe. They really are the best in the world. I tell her this all the time.

My hands and feet were feeling a little weird after my pervious treatment, so I actually got a reduced treatment – about 80% - for my last treatment. I shouldn’t have any permanent problems with this, but Dr. Morgan thought he would give me a reduced treatment to potentially help insure that. I have a meeting with my Radiation Oncologist – Dr. Sause – later this month and should probably start radiation some time mid-September. I’m so grateful that the chemo part of my treatment is behind me and I can start recuperating over the next weeks. I can see the end of the tunnel and I’m very grateful.

When I got home from my treatment on Friday, on my porch was the most gorgeous flower arrangement. Some of my friends went in together to send me a congratulations on my last treatment. They are so sweet!

A couple of weeks ago, Camille showed up with Betsey Berge and Shawna and brought over my finished quilt. I simply love it! I brought it to the office to let everyone at work see it. Shawna even made sure my dog Atticus was able to contribute a square. She is sneaky. Camille, thanks so much! What a huge undertaking. I appreciate you doing the quilt for me and will treasure it always.

I am doing okay, physically. Over the last few weeks, my energy level has started to get worse, but should hopefully start to pick-up now that I am done with my chemo. I haven’t been nearly as nauseated since switching pain meds and I haven’t had to barf in about 4 weeks. That has been really nice.

I didn’t feel well yesterday – Sunday is always my bad day – and Perry Clegg and James Martineau brought me the Sacrament to my house. That was very nice of them.

I have some really busy weeks ahead of me at work. I am in the middle of some huge projects. I would be traveling to Chicago for a press check if I was up to it next week, but my co-worker is going instead. It’s probably a good thing since I will need to be here for a slew of press checks on a coffee table book we are producing for one of our clients.

Thanks again to all of you for your prayers and concern. They really have been what has kept me going and kept my spirits up through this treatment. I bore my testimony in F&T Meeting on the 3rd and thanked those in my Ward for their prayers, blessings, everything. Thanks to EVERYONE for everything you have done for me during this trial. It has not been easy, and so many of you have made the burden lighter.

Love you all!



jepete said...

Oh that Aticus is so thoughtful:) Congratulations sister! Still thinking about you!

Alex said...

i am so impressed with you! you have handled this with so much strength and i love your honesty and determination. i'm glad this part is over. congratulations!

Lauren said...

cyn--i am so happy to hear that the chemo is over for you. i can't believe how well you've done through all of this. you're amazing!